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Qilin Enamel Pin

$10.00 - $14.00
Qilin Enamel Pin

Qilin are benevolent, mystical beasts wreathed in smoke and flame. Qilin are said to walk on clouds to avoid harming even a single blade of grass.

☆ Gold plated hard enamel pin
☆ Approximately 1.5” tall
☆ Two posts with rubber backings
☆ Colors may vary between your monitor and the physical product

☆ Enamel pins come in two grades: Standard (best quality) and Seconds (has minor flaws).

☆ Flaws on Seconds grade pins are random! They can range from a small bubble in the enamel to minor scratches and markings. I can’t tell you exactly which flaws you will receive when ordering a Seconds pin and I cannot accommodate specific flaw requests.